About Us

Topline Logistics is family owned and operated meaning we care about our customers. We know shipping your valuables is stressful so we work our hardest to make your vehicle transport stress free. Being in business for over 15 years, we know our way around the auto hauling business. You're working either with the Carrier company directly or you're working with the broker directly. Most of the time if not always you will be working with the broker, therefore you want to make sure you choose wisely. A broker can give you any rate that sounds great but when it comes down to it, the carrier is the one agreeing on the price. This being said, Topline Logistics works side by side with her Carrier sister company meaning we will give you a rate that will get the job done. We have no intentions on haggling you with prices and delaying your transport. We give you a price, schedule your pickup, and deliver your vehicle. Seems too simple? That's because it is. Our job is to make your transport experience as easy and safe as possible.

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How It Works

Get your free quote online or call one of our representatives to help you with a quote. If the price works for you, we will complete your booking by sending a contract to your email or number. Send back the contract and we will schedule your pickup. A $150 deposit is taken only one day prior to your vehicle pickup. The remainder is due on delivery. Once your vehicle is picked up, contact us anytime to track your vehicle transport. On delivery, your vehicle is given back to enjoy once more!

What we offer

Door to door transport

Affordable and honest pricing

On time vehicle pickups

Licensed and insured

Fast customer service

Open, enclosed, flatbed transports

Shipments from Hawaii

Terminal deliveries

Easy and simple car shipping experience



Open transport car shipping is the standard way to ship your vehicle and the most affordable. Open auto transport is the most popular option for shipping for both private parties and dealerships. You can always count on your shipment being insured, regardless of what type of carrier you choose.



Enclosed transport offers the most secure vehicle transport. Expensive and fragile vehicles are recommended to ship enclosed. The trailer is fully closed off from any weather conditions and debri. In addition, we offer Hard-Side-Liftgate trailers that load vehicles with very little ground clearance. While open trailers offer 250K coverage for your vehicle, enclosed trailers offer 1 million.