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Please note, pricing may vary based on several factors. For an accurate cost estimate, feel free to contact us directly.

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How much does car shipping services cost?

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Short distance
short distance price
  • 1-500 miles
  • Or about $588 for a 300 mile trip.
  • Price may vary
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Average distance
  • 500-1500 miles
  • Or about $930 for a 1000 mile trip
  • Price may vary
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Long distance
Long distance price
  • 1500+ miles
  • Or about $870 for a 1500-mile trip
  • Price may vary
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what can affect the price?

These additional factors are important when calculating the cost of car shipping services. Furthermore, consider them when planning and discussing services with the carrier. If you have any questions or need more detailed information, feel free to contact us for consultation.

  • Distance
  • Vehicle size
  • Vehicle condition
  • Transport type
  • Pickup locations
  • Delivery locations
  • Season
  • Natural disasters
  • Urgency of delivery
  • Extra Security
  • Temporary storage
  • Vehicle Features

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Topline ensures safe and efficient delivery for your vehicles, whether it's one car or a fleet. Additionally, our commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction stands out in the transportation industry. With our Reliable Car Transport Services, you can trust that your vehicles will be delivered securely and on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Car Shipping Industry Work?

The car shipping industry operates through a centralized platform called Central Dispatch. Here's a breakdown of how it works:

Central Dispatch: The Industry Standard

All vehicle transport companies, whether brokers or carriers, rely on Central Dispatch to post and find vehicles for transport. When you hire a car shipping company, the main service you're paying for is their access to Central Dispatch. While the fees to post your shipment may vary, the platform remains the same across the industry.

Topline Logistics: Going Beyond Central Dispatch

At Topline Logistics, we not only use Central Dispatch but also have membership access to exclusive VIP websites. These sites are accessible only to highly rated, reliable, and safe carriers. Consequently, your shipments are handled by the best in the business. This membership provides an additional layer of security and reliability that many brokers cannot offer.

In conclusion, by understanding the role of Central Dispatch and the added benefits provided by Topline Logistics, you can make a more informed decision when choosing a car shipping company.

What If My Vehicle Gets Damaged?

Understanding Transport Damages

Transport damages are very rare, but they can occur. Therefore, if your vehicle arrives damaged, it's crucial to follow these steps to ensure a smooth claims process.

Inspect and Document the Damage

First, note the damage: Upon receiving your vehicle, inspect it thoroughly and note any new damage on the bill of lading (condition report). The driver fills out this document during pickup to record any pre-existing damages.

Next, mark new damages: Any damage that occurs during transport must be marked on the bill of lading upon delivery. Failure to do so could severely delay or halt your damage claim. If your vehicle arrives with new damages, WRITE THEM on the bill of lading immediately.

Steps to Take Post-Delivery

After documenting the damages, take photos: Photograph the vehicle from multiple angles to document the damage at the time of delivery.

Then, contact us: Email us a copy of the bill of lading along with the photos, or call us right away so we can assist you through the claims process.

Remember, the bill of lading is the key document that releases the carrier from liability once you sign it at delivery. Properly documenting any damage is essential for a successful claim.

How much lead-time do I need to give?

Understanding Lead-Time Requirements

This is a great question, and you'll find that different companies may provide varying answers. There's no fixed amount of lead-time required; therefore, whatever you can provide will generally be fine.

Flexibility in Lead-Time

Even if you have to wait until the last minute, don't worry. If we have priced your move correctly, your vehicle will usually be picked up within 24 to 48 hours of your first available date.

Optimal Lead-Time for Seamless Transport

For the most seamless transport experience, we recommend giving us at least a 7-day lead-time from your first available ship date. This ensures we can coordinate everything smoothly and provide the best service possible.

Is My Vehicle Insured?

Assurance of Insurance Coverage

Yes, your vehicle is always insured! Ensuring proper insurance coverage forms a fundamental part of our service. We personally verify that the carrier we schedule for you has the required insurance for your vehicle and that it is up to date.

No Additional Cost for Standard Coverage

Additionally, there is no extra cost to you for this insurance coverage. If any company asks for a fee for insurance, you are wasting your money. After all, all carriers are legally required to provide cargo coverage.

Special Cases for Rare and Classic Cars

However, for rare, collectible, or classic cars with values exceeding standard insurance limits, we will assist you in arranging additional insurance for that specific transport. This way, your valuable vehicle remains adequately protected.

Is My Deposit Refundable?

No Payment Until Pickup is Confirmed

At Topline Logistics, we don't ask for payment until your pickup is confirmed by a carrier. This way, you only pay once your transport is guaranteed.

Understanding the Deposit

The deposit you pay to Topline Logistics covers our service in connecting you with safe, reliable, and fully insured carriers. Therefore, this deposit is non-refundable, as it compensates for our logistical support and expertise.

Carrier Fees and Refunds

Moreover, the fees you pay directly to the carrier, typically at the time of vehicle delivery, aren't controlled by Topline Logistics. Consequently, you should address any refund requests for the carrier’s portion directly with the carrier.

Delayed Deliveries

However, if your vehicle delivery is excessively delayed, we will strive to negotiate a rate reduction for you to compensate for the inconvenience. In summary, your satisfaction remains our priority, and we aim to ensure a smooth transport experience.

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